That's what I call Art Inspiration by artnoise


It was the explosion of colours that attracted me the most, but more important it is the source of inspiration that the artist, found on Art Web by chance, had for this incredibly meaningful piece. This is ekphrasis or meta-art, as in art inspired by art. It is all it means. Nothing more. Enjoy in full.

THE BLUE GUITAR by Kip Kavallares - on ArtWeb

THE BLUE GUITAR by Kip Kavallares - on ArtWeb

Inspired by David Hockney etchings who was inspired by W. Stevens Poem who was inspired by P. Picasso’s ” The old Guitarist”

Set them free by artnoise

Let words break free from Art, shall we? As part of conceptual art, words on a page have the right to break the lines, break the rules and stand out. Free. Like this simple exercise found on Pinterest. It shows how noisy lines can turn a page (from an old book) into a work of art, conceptualistically speaking, a word of art.