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Welcome to Kolla - a magazine in a box

Kolla is a monthly subscription box designed to inspire and rediscover the art of publishing before the advent of Adobe InDesign.

Every month in a Kolla box you will find a dash of graphic design with a hint of typography, a huge amount of art collaging and a flavour of old-school newspaper printing.

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Kolla is a handcraft magazine made by you.
With the help from old-school techniques, supplied tools and your brilliant creativity, you will be able to craft your own art magazine
and master your skills in collage, graphic design and typography.

Kolla is an ultimate space, a papierkammer (paper room) delivered every month to your doorstep.
Each box will include a blank A5 booklet (the magazine), a selection of curated papers, decorative tapes and gadgets. Every month the content will be different according to a theme, an artist and a colour palette (all of this in a special feature card included in the box).


how to design a magazine using different old-fashioned tools like pencils, rulers, masking tapes and different types of paper


your imagination and get inspired by colour palettes, topics and new artists every month!


unique works exploring the original paste-up technique*


your ideas and your favourite art composing collages, photomontage and paper-cut layouts


noun (printing)
1. an assembly of typeset matter, illustrations, etc, pasted on a sheet of paper or board and used as a guide or layout in the production of a publication.
2. a sheet of paper or board on which are pasted artwork, typeset matter, etc, for photographing prior to making a printing plate. 
3. another name for collage
Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers
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Need to contact Kolla? Get in touch at kolla@artnoise.net