An online space that goes along social-political issues worldwide and emphasises different outlooks and backgrounds of like-minded international artists. The publication also explores the stages of the creative process, empowering the concept behind each form of visual communication.



A two-series of foldable zines self-published and self-produced by the artists themselves. The production will be on A3 format paper sheets using the least expensive way, such as photocopying and using recycling, unbleached paper.  

The Art Map Zine 

An A6 foldout map that showcases foreign artists’s work, the connection among countries and different cultures. It aims to provoke awareness and enable integration through visual art.

The Art Space Zine

An A5 or A4 zine that enables outsider artists to exhibit in a non-conventional way. The artist is invited to use the paper as a gallery space. This series aims to empower social integration and access to the art community.

Art Space Zine #1
Art Space Zine #1