Art Noise gives voice to different cultures through publishing and visual communication. The ambition is to enable integration and promotion of foreign cultures and encourage connections between international artists and the existing British art community. Doing so, Art Noise works towards curating alternative exhibition spaces that ease artists’ visibility at a sustainable production. 

Founded in 2014, Art Noise provides support with exhibiting, promoting, selling and publishing art in a non-conventional way. With the two main programmes The SPACE and The VOICE, Art Noise aims to explore international art through language and printing media resources.

"Born out of experience, challenges and the desire to help others, Art Noise has been set up to support young artists through networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration. Full of vision, ambition and determination, Art Noise is a fantastic project that’s already uniting and supporting many creative careers.” - Ratna Jan Bibi, Gallery Manager, Fabrica


I'm Eva Thompson, founder and curator of Art Noise Publications. I'm a freelance graphic/editorial designer and artist. My experience in foreign cultures, publishing and visual arts inspired me to create a 'comfort place' where I can merge work and life experiences and where I could be the artists' reference point and a visual adviser. My role in Art Noise is developing online and offline publishing resources, helping with the promotion and reinvention of alternative exhibition spaces.



"Eva is fantastic at interpreting my slightly chaotic artist's vision into a workable form".
R.J.B. - Artist, Brighton